Local Beef

We raise black Angus cattle that are range fed through the summer season and fed hay from our fields through the winter months. Select young feeder cattle are grain finished before heading to the butcher and then to your plate. Our goal is to provide local, high-quality and flavorful beef.

Homegrown Beef


Roast Box

Steak Box

Ground Beef

Snack Sticks

We offer roast boxes with a variety of roast cuts perfect for the slow cooker season and grill boxes with a variety of steak cuts and ground beef perfect for all your grilling meals!

We sell lean ground beef. It has a great flavor without the shrinkage on the grill. Perfect for burgers, tacos, spaghetti and all your other ground beef favorites!


Pre-Made Hamburger Patties

2310 Montana HWY 69 
Boulder, MT 59632



Contact us for other cuts available. 


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Delicious time-tested recipes for our homegrown beef. From our kitchen to yours, here are some of our favorites


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